The story behind the people who create the stories!

About Us

We are a family-run and independent organisation. We follow a simple ethos:

We want you to have the very best holiday experience possible.

The story begins 10 years back, when my father was posted to Bangalore. We ended up spending 3 years there, and over that period of 3 years, we had our list of favourites ready- favourites for each and every thing under the sun. From our favourite road side shack to our favourite fancy restaurant; from our favourite Sari shop to our favourite getaway from people spot.

Our visiting relatives from Delhi, were treated to entries from this list of favourites, depending on their preferences. If they wanted to see the cultural side of Bangalore, we had places earmarked for them; If they wanted to see the natural wonders around, we had places for them.

That’s when we realised that travel agents were concerned with how people got to a place and where they were staying in that place. Till date, they don’t care what happens after that. We begin our work, after that. We’ve just decided to increase our family size, that’s all!

We’re in the business of making virtual tour guides or itineraries.

We plan holidays for our family members, according to their type of holidaying preferences. They may want an adventurous holiday with a high level of activity orientation, they may want a cultural holiday experience at a relaxed pace, we’ve got all the bases covered! And that’s the special bit, existing travel websites provide lots of information, about stuff you may already have an idea about. We not only break it down to fit your likes and dislikes, but we also give you information about stuff you may not have an idea about. This becomes important when complex algorithms and code aren’t able to figure out that though Mahabaleshwar is 80 KM away from Pune, it still deserves to be covered, if that’s what you fancy. The list of examples, all from our personal experiences, have no end.

We handcraft itineraries so that people not only get to experience the best food of the region (again, according to their preferences!) but also, get exactly what they want from their holiday, in a precise, planned and organised manner.

We’re in the business of making holidays super special for all those who come to us!

We are proud to have a superb team of people alongside us. We all try hard to offer a very personal service. We listen to you and really want to give you the experience you're looking for. We all travel regularly to update our knowledge of the places we recommend, and this expertise is available to you.
Please feel free to contact me directly if you wish, Thanks for considering us for your travels.

Best wishes
Ravtej Singh